KMH Media Production is an audiovisual content production company based on the island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, created in 2016.

KMH Media Production produces and directs different types of content in various audiovisual fields. Weekly TV shows: Waaaaves (surfing), Purotu (girl, fashion), Ahitea (tourism).

KMH Media Production is also the initiator and co-author of the Ohipa Maitai reality TV show on entrepreneurship and also directs and produces documentaries broadcast internationally.

With its experience, the company creates specialized and tailor-made content for large accounts and institutions in French Polynesia, like the government agency Tahiti Tourisme.

For international projects, KMH Media Production relies on a network of audiovisual partners (production, distribution, financing) including California Pictures, a production company based in Hollywood with which fiction and TV program projects are under development.

KMH Media Production also relies on a network of partners in Europe, particularly in France and the United Kingdom.

A dozen people, audiovisual professionals (production, framing, editing, reporting, writing, journalism, etc.), regularly collaborates with KMH Media Production.

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