Service production

KMH Media Production offers many services to support you in different types of audiovisual projects thanks to the versatility of our team of experienced professionals and our different partners:

Producers, directors, cameramen, photographers, editor, journalists, writers, video editors, filming organizers, TV hosts, models, etc.

Photo credits : Lara Dupuy

You wish to order this service :

  • Production of TV programs in all formats
  • Production of investigative reports for television news
  • Production of medium format magazine news reports for sports, tourism, culture, society, etc.
  • Direction and production of documentaries
  • Creation of advertising videos or events
  • Creation of original formats
  • Creation of films or institutional and corporate formats
  • Hosting international shoots with our partners (fictions, TV shows, etc.)
  • Scouting and fixers
  • Video stock
  • Order video and pictures images on demand